Your OS Website from Agent Image is both a fully functional Blog, and a robust website. While you’ll use “Posts” for your blog, you’ll want to use “Pages” for more permanently placed content on your website. Pages have a permanent place in your site navigation, whereas blog posts are treated separately, depending on how you choose to set up the blogging portion of your website.

Remember, content is king. The single most effective way to boost your website traffic is by constantly adding truly unique, custom content. The more content, the better.

Ideally, you should try to add a page or two a month. Doing this shows search engines that you’re an active site, that you’re different than millions of stagnant sites our there. Additionally, try to center your content around the particular words, phrases, and topics that you think your customers are most likely to use when searching for you. That’s how you show you’re an authority for those phrases.

Also remember, that the more common the phrase, the more competition there will be for you show up on search engines. You should either pick smaller, more niche/local phrases, or be ready to invest (time, money, effort) into becoming known for the big phrases.

Your OS Website provides an incredibly easy way for you to add content, all you have to do, is well… start writing.