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Portland began as “the clearing.” In 1843 William Overton took the potential that he saw for the land and struck a bargain with his partner, Asa Lovejoy. Overton later sold to Francis Pettygrove. Pettygrove and Lovejoy chose the name by coin toss. Pettygrove was from Portland, Maine; guess who won the coin toss?

It wasn’t by chance, however, that Portland blossomed into the beloved city it is today. In 1851, at its incorporation, Portland had about 800 inhabitants, a sawmill, hotel, and newspaper. By 1879 the population was 17,500 and it never stopped growing. Homes for sale in Portland Oregon today carry many of the traditional architecture, ambiance, and values of the original homesteads.

Portland Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Portland Oregon are a beloved residential destination that offers an enviable lifestyle. With sophisticated amenities, and an impressive range of recreation, no wonder families, the business elite, and first-time homebuyers are attracted to homes for sale in Portland Oregon.

Portland and neighboring Beaverton Oregon homes for sale gain a lot of attention from buyers. Sometimes competition for desirable properties can become intense. Whether you are curious about investment properties, want to learn more about the local lifestyle, or have chosen the area of Portland you want to call home – Gary Potts can help.
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